Nicole Richie's Intimate Wedding Photos End Up In German Tabloid

In Midweek Madness, we learned that Nicole Richie was allegedly demanding $100,000 for her wedding pictures. We also learned that neither Ok! nor Star, In Touch, Life & Style or Us purchased them. Enter German tabloid In magazine!

The folks at The Daily Truffle got their hands on the issue, and the images, shot by Yvette Roman, are simply gorgeous. (the cover line — "Ihr ganz privates Happy End" — means "their completely private happy ending." That they decided to share with all of Germany? Cool!)


According to the Truffle:

Yvette started out as a rock photographer shooting Joni Mitchell, Roy Orbison, Tool, Timothy Leary and David Byrne and later made her way into the elite group of less than ten go-to professionals hired to handle just about every wedding of this stature; ranging from wealthy L.A. families to celebrities to extreme destination weddings.

Roman captured Nicole looking stunning and happy, and we can even see proud papa Lionel Richie in the background. Also: The dress. The dress! You'd think sleeves and a poufy pouf would overwhelm a tiny frame… Instead it's ridiculously perfect.


And Nicole got an elephant, just like she'd always dreamed of. Babelfish translation of caption: "Under the hood or rather under trunks? The Richie Maddens organized a tame elephant for merry snapshots."


Sure, there's a tiny bit of predictability ("Joel ist mine Märchenprinz" means Joel is my fairy-tale prince, or Prince Charming). But in general, everything seems tastefully done. You can ogle more images here. Even with the splashy tabloid treatment, it's obvious it was a loving, exquisite affair. Mazel tov.


Nicole Richie Vows Shot by Celebrity Wedding Photographer Yvette Roman [The Daily Truffle]

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