Nicole Kidman Cast in Top of the Lake Season 2

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Nicole Kidman has just joined the second season of Top of the Lake, Jane Campion’s bleak and peculiar mystery series, which stars Elizabeth Moss as a troubled Sydney police officer who specializes in cases involving children.


Entitled Top of the Lake: China Girl, Deadline reports the season will follow “Moss’ Detective Robin Griffin [as she investigates] the case of an unidentified body which washes up on Sydney’s Bondi Beach.” In a statement to The Daily Telegraph, Kidman said she was “very excited to be coming home to work with [her] darling friend” Jane Campion, who directed her in 1996's Portrait of a Lady.

Despite the gorgeous New Zealand locales and initially mesmerizing cast of characters, I wasn’t an enormous fan of the show’s frustrating first season. Perhaps the addition of Kidman (and Game of Thrones’s Gwendoline Christie) will help Top of the Lake live up to the potential it showed in those first episodes.


Top of the Lake: China Girl is scheduled to premiere later this year.

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This show has been siting on my netflix list for ever! I’m going to have to hunker down this week and actually watch it uninterrupted.