Seriously, if "I'll fucking die because of honor" doesn't become a meme by the end of the day, we'll have lost our faith in the Internet.

The "incident" occurred at a Romanian club (hence the title "Nicolas Cage make scandal in downtown Bucharest," you see) where Cage is filming โ€” speaking of epics! โ€” a "Ghost Rider" sequel. Sadly, the cause of the rant wasn't captured on tape; all we know is that by the time cameras were rolling, Cage had worked himself into a rage and screams at a couple. Choice words include โ€” we think:

"Get in that car and walk want to kick me in the head? Do it!"


"My eyes โ€” no lower, no higher! See my eyes: respect them as you'd respect me."


I'll f*****g die because of honour. I'll f*****g die right now"

Instead, he gets into a car with some security people...and onward to further YouTube immortality.