Though some photos of models wearing Nicki Minaj's new clothing line for Kmart have been released, it's only when Mariah Carey's arch-nemesis has chosen to Instagram photos of herself wearing the clothes that the purchasing public can realize the truth: Wearing these clothes are legitimately the most Nicki Minaj you will ever get, save for buying a lifetime's supply of colorful Marie-Antoinette wigs.

On Wednesday, Minaj posted a few photos of some of the outfits, including her in this J.Lo-esque tracksuit.

As well as this dress, which Minaj wrote "Hugs u in all the right places".


We'd seen this top before, when Minaj had Instagrammed a picture of her wearing it with a skirt and said it came with pants too. Ah the pants!


And few weeks ago, Minaj put up this photo.


In a video about the collection that was released in July, Minaj said the line was for people who wanted "grown and sexy stuff...You know these, 21 and 22 [year olds], they want to go to the club and wear freakum dresses, that's what they call them."

The collection comes out this fall.

Images via Instagram