Nicki Minaj Reportedly Will Not Testify at Her Brother's Child Rape Trial

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Photo via Getty

Refuting an earlier report, TMZ says that Nicki Minaj will not take the stand in the trial of her brother Jelani Maraj, who is accused of raping a minor—an 11-year-old girl who was his stepdaughter at the time.


According to TMZ:

We’re told Minaj never planned to take the stand, and her bro’s legal team telling news outlets she was on their witness list was simply false. There were reports Nicki would testify the alleged victim’s mom tried to extort her for millions.

Last week, Page Six reported that Minaj would be the “crux of the case,” which is currently underway and has been chronicled in stomach-churning detail by the likes of Page Six. Yesterday, the alleged victim’s 10-year-old brother took the stand and testified he saw Maraj raping his sister. Today, a forensic expert testified that semen found on the alleged victim’s pajamas was “consistent” with Maraj’s.

It was initially reported that Nicki Minaj posted her brother’s $100,000 bail when he was arrested for rape in 2015, though later Bossip reported that it got its hands on the court papers and it was actually Maraj’s mother, Carol, who posted the bail.

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Cherith Cutestory

So he was caught in the act and his sperm matches but his defense was supposed to be “but her mom is a greedy bitch”? So, the Polanski gambit.

I hope he rots in prison for the rest of his life. For doing it and then forcing kids to testify about it rather than making a plea deal when he clearly has no case. (I know it’s his right but these poor kids.)