Nicki Minaj thinks her ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels is greedy and trifling and wants to let the world know it, too, in the only place that matters, a secret place that’s just between you and her—Twitter.

In further proof that these rich and famous humans are as petty as the rest of us, Minaj spent 19 tweets torching Safaree for obsessively emailing her after their breakup and for now trying to sue her for physical and emotional abuse. She also accused “this poor excuse of a man” (her words, which seem accurate) of stealing money from her when they were together.


The impending lawsuit is apparently what inspired Minaj to go on a Twitter rant, according to TMZ, whose sources say Safaree threatened legal action via his lawyers on Tuesday over compensation for work on her albums. As TMZ reports, “she strongly disagrees with Safaree’s memory of how she became a star.”

In a series of tweets that have miraculously not been deleted, Minaj lit into her ex while stooping to attacking his manhood:

To make matters worse, says Nicki, Safaree is making things messy in her beautiful new relationship with Meek Mill.


Minaj retweeted a user who wrote to her: “He’s pathetic, he spent all his money trying to fit in a crowd he couldn’t afford to be in.”

Safaree is rumored to be on an upcoming season of Love & Hip-Hop, which makes total sense given that he probably needs money and attention.

Her anger progressed in the form of All Caps tweets, as it does.

In short, “get over it” seems to be the idea here.

Nicki also invoked the higher powers.

Ignoring the golden rule to “never tweet,” she kept going:

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