Nicki Minaj Asks Relevant Ass-Eating Questions in Breakfast Club Interview

Following her dream fan-out moment with Lauryn Hill backstage at the Tidal concert on Saturday, Nicki Minaj appeared on Power 105's The Breakfast Club today to talk about range of topics, including her love of Ms. Hill, the status of her sitcom and, also, ass eating.


During the interview, Minaj revealed that the ABC sitcom that’s currently in development and based on her life is now up in the air. “It’s postponed,” she says. “A lot of things were happening at the same time and creatively we wanted to make some changes with the pilot. We’re taking our time. Everyone involved... wants it to be perfect and I felt like there were other things that needed to be figured out first.”

Minaj also talked about meeting Lauryn Hill in their first in-person introduction. The video on her Instagram page shows her bowing at Hill’s feet. “Such a surreal moment. I couldn’t control myself. I was at a loss for words. And she was super sweet and gracious, and I was not expecting that,” Minaj tells the Breakfast Club. “She was in the room right next to me the whole time. And I was kinda nervous to even run into her in the hallway. Then all of a sudden I literally said the words, ‘Do y’all realize my idol is right there?’ And within 30 seconds of me saying that, she walked into my room.” Minaj adds, “I told her, ‘I want you to know this. You changed everyone’s life.’”

Later, when Breakfast Club host Charlemagne asks Minaj who’s better at twerking (a reference to her recent Instagram video): she or her ex-boyfriend Safaree, she laughs and lightheartedly engages, probably happy to have such a lame person out of her life. Lastly, they turn to the topic of ass eating after Charlemagne tells Minaj, “I’m still out here getting my ass eaten, Nicki.”

Minaj, intrigued, peppers him with questions: “Are you really, Charlemagne?” And, “How do you clean your ass? Do you do a new cleaning regimen?” He tells her he has “a bidet at the crib,” to which Minaj responds, “Ew,” and reveals her philosophy on bidets: “I don’t believe in bidets. I believe take your ass in the shower. Fuck a bidet.” Minaj also asks him—more out of curiosity than judgment, it seems—“When you get your ass eaten, do you want the girl to put a couple fingers in your asshole?”

Everyone is still very fascinated with ass eating. Nicki should read this:

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As someone whose ass was eaten just last night, I agree with Nicki. Shower or gtfo.