Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend Safaree Samuels, "who was recently ARRESTED for BEATING UP the rap singer and was recently charged with PUSHING a female housekeeper," got into a pretty heated fight with Cher on Twitter.

The fight started with someone tweeted Cher telling her that Nicki dissed her in her lyrics to "Did It On Her" and Cher reacted, pretty mildly, by saying "I've seen lots of people come and go, no biggie" at which point Samuels kind of lost it on her.

Cher then employed the "AAAANYWAY" tactic, which was probably her best —and only— move at that point. Oh, that you nor I ever have to utter the words "This one time, I got into it with Cher on Twitter" unless "getting into it" means going over old Mermaids trivia.

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