Nickelodeon Star Comes Out in Mega-Charming YouTube Video

Do you remember Fred, that super bizarro web series-turned-movie-turned short-lived Nickelodeon show? It's about a hyperactive teen named Fred Figglehorn—played and originated by Lucas Cruikshank—who runs around screaming and does weird stuff, much to the delight of children everywhere. When you watch it, you're like "OHHHH. This answers the question of why old people can't be relevant! Because kids are raised on this BONKERS FRED BUSINESS that I can't even begin to relate to because it is basically from space." My boyfriend's kids LOVE IT.

Anyway, yesterday Cruikshank responded to longstanding rumors about his sexual orientation by solving the mystery in the most appropriately nonchalant way possible. Like, "Yeah, duh!" It's very sweet and worth a watch.

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