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Nick Carter, Jordan Knight Rehash Pop Highs With New Cheesy Lyrics

Today in Why Is This A Thing, Jordan Knight and Nick Carter have a duet album called Nick and Knight, out on Tuesday. Your head will also probably explode once this thing hits store shelves because that’s what happens when Boy Band members from two different generations clash in the name of self promotion.


The New York Post took it upon themselves to pluck out the most boy band-est lyrics that might prove this album should’ve been left on the shelf. Here is a sample, however if you really love Backstreet Boys or New Kids on the Block, then, you know, get into it:

“You can’t have a heart if it’s made of paper.” — “Paper”

“I know that one plus two is bad, but I was never good at math. So what’s wrong with a little more — three or four?” — “Deja Vu”

“I’m halfway there to loving you, so wait there for me.” — “Halfway There”

“Take you by the hand, come and follow me out to the dance floor.” — “Nobody Better”

“Don’t you remember just how I made you feel the night you came home crying ’cause you crashed your car again?” — “One More Time”

“Girl, where your heart ends, that’s where my love begins.” — “Switch”

Girl. I almost love you so, like, Wait For It! That one's my favorite.

This album will be exactly what you think it will be but I will concede that Nick and Knight will probably have at least one cut that I'll like privately but won't own up to in public — because Jordan has had unexpected jams in the past.

Come on, who knew!

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Aww, I loved "Give It To You." It was ridiculous and fun. In the video he's all like "Ok, kids, I'm 30-years-old and I'm hanging out with you teenagers at a carnival for some reason. But right now I'm gonna whip off my leather jacket and show you some super fresh dance moves in my turtleneck and cargo khakis."