Nia Long (Yes!) Is Starring in a Pilot With Mike Epps

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Another show featuring two black leads is headed to pilot. My longtime friend and confirmed vampire Nia Long has been cast alongside Mike Epps in a TV adaptation of Uncle Buck.

The series is a remake of the John Hughes comedy flick, starring Epps as manchild Buck Russell. Nia Long plays his wife [Update: She plays his brother's wife]. This is like the Friday sequel in my mind that never happened.

Will Packer, who produced Think Like a Man and Ride Along, is also on board. According to Deadline:

The new Uncle Buck TV remake (there was a short-lived 1990s Uncle Buck CBS series starring Kevin Meaney) had been conceived with Buck as African American, giving the format a new twist.


We'll see how this turns out, but good to know that Hollywood is finally realizing black actors exist.

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