Nia Long Is Playing Roxanne Shante's Mom in a New Biopic

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The incredibly immortal Nia Long will play Roxanne Shante’s mom in the upcoming Roxanne Roxanne biopic, which Forest Whitaker and Pharrell are co-producing.

Shante confirmed as much in a photo posted on Instagram with the caption: “When your sister Nia Long is playing your Mama MissPeggy in the 80's You can only feel so honored and so so blessed.” Dope producers Nina Yang Bongiovi and former VIBE editor-in-chief Mimi Valdés are also co-producing the film, Shante said in a recent Jezebel interview.

Essence reports that the biopic “will chronicle the infamous Roxanne Hip-Hop Wars that spawned as a result of the track and take viewers back to the early days of hip-hop culture in the ‘80s.”


Long most recently starred with Mike Epps in the super short-lived Uncle Buck remake, which ABC cancelled in July because no one knew it existed.

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nia long is now an academy member (if she accepted the invitation). how cool is that?