Newsweek "Explains" Why Women Stand By Their Men

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In an article inspired by Megan McAllister, fiancee of the accused "Craigslist Killer," Newsweek lists the psychological reasons at work when "a woman makes the seemingly irrational decision to stand by her man."

Writer Wray Herbert applies to McAllister four cognitive mechanisms that are not necessarily related to the horror of finding out a loved one has committed murder. Perhaps she is suffering from "the endowment effect," which in studies showed that people who already owned tickets to a basketball game overvalued them when asked to sell. Or maybe she's experiencing "loss aversion," as she is "facing a huge loss-the end of her dreams, symbolized by her canceled summer wedding plans." We've all wondered why McAllister stuck by Philip Markoff for so long, but it's impossible to understand what she's going through from a few random findings about the human brain. But, we can guess that a man would be just as traumatized, and have just as much difficulty knowing when to call it quits, were the situation reversed.

Standing By The Craigslist Killer [Newsweek]

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Loss aversion = "facing a huge loss-the end of her dreams, symbolized by her canceled summer wedding plans." ????

Are you fucking kidding me? Fuck you, Newsweek. I say this as someone who's engagement ended three months before her wedding (rather like Megan, but for incredibly different reasons). I was severely fucked up afterward because yes, my dreams were SHATTERED. Not my "wedding day dreams," my LIFE dreams. Assholes. When you plan to get married to someone, you plan your LIFE together, not just one fucking day. She's not upset over one fucking day.