Newspaper Defies Odds, Proves It Is in Fact Possible to Endorse Just One Candidate

Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren
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The 2020 Iowa Democratic caucus will take place in just one week on Monday, February 3rd. It’s the first of the Democratic Party presidential primaries for the 2020 presidential election, and it will begin the process of determining who the Democrats will put forward to challenge Donald Tr**p.


In advance of the Iowa caucus, which generally tends to make Iowans think they’re better than the rest of us because they get to set the tone for the remainder of the election cycle (which is fair, to be honest I’d probably get a big head about it too), newspapers across the country historically will endorse the candidate they see most fit for the position (something the internet loves to remind them they don’t actually care about, but in reality probably does hold some weight in the process).

This year you might have heard that the editorial board of a New York City based paper The New York Times, broke with tradition and went ahead and endorsed two candidates, a decision they said was meant to “address the “realist” and “radical” models being presented to voters by the 2020 Democratic field.” Which is all well and good but it does kind of defeats the point of an endorsement.

Thankfully, the editorial board at the Des Moines Register is less wishy-washy and did the tough job of picking just one candidate to endorse, that candidate being Elizabeth Warren.

“She remembers her own family’s struggles to make ends meet and her own desperation as a working mother needing child care. She cares about people, and she will use her seemingly endless energy and passion to fight for them.” the editorial board wrote in their endorsement, which they hope will help those participating in the Iowa caucuses form a decision. Their endorsement feels particularly pertinent considering they’re paper is that of the state in which the first primary is set to take place.

Whether it has an impact or not, time will only tell, but for now the endorsement is just one more thing that Iowans have to be cocky about in the coming weeks. Their paper was able to make a clear decision, and their Twitter account took a lot of pleasure in announcing that.


For what it’s work, I still think Jezebel’s way of determining a candidate is the most superior way.



Warren is teetering around the edge of the viability threshold in Iowa. She’s mostly lived at 15 percent, plus or minus a point or two all month. It will be an interesting test of the weight voters still give to such endorsements to see if she gains anything over the next week.

If she does make any gains, it will be very interesting to see where those votes come from. Buttigieg is still polling ahead of her there.