Hurricane Sandy has provided politicians across the Northeast with an excellent opportunity to prove how much they care about their constituencies — especially via social media, the easiest means by which public officials can demonstrate how ~in touch~ they are with real people.

But Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker has truly redefined the concept of civil servitude by going above and beyond by helping his Twitter followers search for their relatives, locate supplies, and de-stress; he invited some New Jerseyites OVER TO HIS HOUSE to power their electronic equipment and “relax.”

He’s asked people to contact him directly (via Twitter Direct Message) so he can come over and charge their cell phones, and, earlier today, he invited a neighbor over to his house to charge her devices and watch DVDs. According to another recent tweet, he also had lunch delivered for the now “twelve or so” people hanging out at his place. What a guy. Bloomberg, can we come over?

Here are some of his other tweets:



And he gives pep talks, too:



—Katie J.M. Baker