New York Post Editor Who Wears Trump's 'Make America Great Again' Hat in Newsroom to Retire

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In case you need to figure out if the New York Post is a reputable news source, here’s a litmus test: apparently the editor the the New York Post wears a “Make America Great Again” trucker cap in the newsroom.


According to the New York Daily News, the NY Post’s editor-in-chief Col Allan “has been proudly sporting [a Trump hat] — despite recently siccing his lapdog columnists on other media outlets that have been deemed as ‘biased’ against Trump’s hatemongering.”

Also this:

“Allan and the paper were even sued by a former editor in 2009 over alleged employment discrimination on the basis of her race, national origin and sex. Sandra Guzman was fired after protesting internally against an Allan-approved cartoon depicting a slain chimpanzee that many interpreted as a reference to President Obama. Four years later, the paper settled the high-profile lawsuit, but the settlement was just a fraction of the cash The Post has lost in recent times.”

The Daily News also made parallels between the GOP presidential hopeful and Allan, specifically regarding Allan’s “his tyrannical management style” and his propensity for his purported racist and misogynist tendencies.

This sartorial decision is noteworthy in the context of this update: on Thursday, the Post joined the Observer in endorsing Donald Trump, but Allan also announced he’d be stepping down at the end of the month.

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It would be hard to exaggerate the lack of respect my New York fam has for the Post, but this should kill any remaining vestiges of the attitude that, despite its failings, it does resemble a newspaper.