New York Nurses Union Demands NYPD Funds Be Diverted to Hospitals

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The New York State Nurses Association is calling for the state government to divert funds from the NYPD and to tax the rich to generate more funds for hospitals in need, the New York Daily News reports.


According to an internal memo obtained by the paper, the NYSNA is pushing for New York to divert $2 billion from jails, prosecutors’ offices and the NYPD and put that money into hospitals, where staff are struggling without proper training and space. The NYSNA also wants to generate more than $30 billion in taxing the rich, calling for a tax on second and third homes. In 2019 the NYPD spent nearly $6 billion out of the city’s $95 billion total budget, and several proposals to defund the NYPD are asking that $1 billion be cut from the budget.

While New York City is now entering its phase two of reopening and hospitalizations in the state are down, New York hospitals still face challenges as they prepare for a wave of new infections to come back. In April the NYSNA filed three lawsuits against the New York State Department of Health and two state hospitals over issues such as inadequate PPE, lack of training for nurses, and unsafe working conditions. And the NYSNA’s push for funding is in response to the fact that Black and Latino communities have been hit the hardest by covid-19, and the safety-net hospitals that serve those communities in desperate need of funds.

“The working class and the middle class and the poor are getting shafted,” NYSNA President Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez told the New York Daily News.

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You mean the hospitals like the one that just charged us over $28,000 to have a child (“only” $7,500, since that’s out of pocket max for single, plus the $1,300 to see the child for a grand total of 30 seconds)? Maybe they should not take it up to taxpayer fund even more of this, and maybe they should look at their administration.

From this

For example, in addition to Mr. Del Mauro’s $21.7 million package, Barnabas Health listed more than 20 vice presidents who earned over $350,000 on its latest available tax return; the new chief executive earned about $3 million.

And studies suggest that administrative costs make up 20 to 30 percent of the United States health care bill, far higher than in any other country. American insurers, meanwhile, spent $606 per person on administrative costs, more than twice as much as in any other developed country and more than three times as much as man.

No wait, they like the system how it is, they just want more money to keep it that way.