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New York City Says More Like Foie Nah, Amirite?

Illustration for article titled New York City Says More Like Foie iNah/i, Amirite?
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Foie gras, while delicious, is inarguably terrible for the fowl from which it is made. Now, New York City has passed legislation that will ban its sale beginning in 2022.


According to the New York Times, the city is home to one of the country’s largest markets for foie gras. It’s a delicacy regularly enjoyed by some of the city’s worst people (you know who they are), but the way it’s made is gruesome:

Most foie gras is produced through a process known as gavage; ducks are force-fed a fatty corn-based mixture that engorges their livers. The process requires tubes to be inserted into a duck’s throat for a 20-day feeding regimen, swelling the liver to up to 10 times its normal size. The procedure can leave ducks too big to walk or even breathe before they are slaughtered, animal activists say.


New York isn’t the first place to ban foie gras—California passed similar legislation, and it’s also prohibited in India, Israel and Britain—but it New York’s bill bans the foie gras made from force-fed birds, though the fact that not all of it is made that way will make it difficult to enforce.

While chefs and farmers throughout the land are bemoaning the loss of foie gras, Carlina Rivera, a Manhattan councilwoman who sponsored the bill to eliminate it, thinks the complaints are being blown out of proportion.

“These farms produce dozens of other products and gavage is aggressively cruel,” Ms. Rivera said. “There is an exotic animal ban in New York City and people still go to the circus.”

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The Noble Renard

Are comments being blocked here as well as Gizmodo? Because fuck Jim Spanfeller and fuck all the corporate toadies that are running good things into the ground out of an obsessive need to prove their dicks are bigger than everyone else.

Stay strong, everyone. This site, Deadspin, Gizmodo, Kotaku, et. al, have produced some fantastic journalism over the years and produced some incredible writers who are changing the world. I can’t help but contextualize what’s happening now except through the first essay in Jia’s Trick Mirror, which discusses how Web 1.0’s (largely unrealized but still worth believing in) dream of positive communities and places where truly unique things can survive and thrive are being steadily destroyed by culture capitalism and the walled gardens of Web 2.0.

As an Internet Somewhat Old who’s been online since the mid-90s, our spaces are collapsing around us. It’s never been Good but it’s never been This Bad before.

I hope all of the great writers and editors and staff here can find new jobs doing things they love, and that the corporate fucks destroying this site repeatedly stub their toes on things at least once an hour for the rest of their miserable lives.