New Year's Eve Trailer: All The Rom-Com Clichés Valentine's Day Forgot

If you're interested in an even less original version of Valentine's Day, look no further than New Year's Eve. Once again half of Hollywood is in the movie, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Lea Michele, Katherine Heigl, Ashton Kutcher, and Halle Berry. We're hoping this franchise will be our big break. Presumably by the time they get to the 2022 hit Guy Fawkes Day they'll run out of stars and be forced to cast bloggers with absolutely no acting skills.


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This is going to be a huge hit, which speaks volumes about the quality of movies lately. But, there were 10 WTFer's for me in this trailer:

1) Zac Efron. He's still prettier than Bieber.

2) Michelle Pfieffer. Unrecognizable. Hair in the face is a dead giveaway for facelifts. Ask Goldie Hawn about that. Actually, don't.

3) Katherine Heigl. Why? Also, how long did it take to film her scenes, what with her needing an e-cigarette every minute.

4) Halle Berry. Was it worth it to drag your kid, emotional baggage and all your dirty laundry to NYC?

5) Jon. Fucking. Bon. Fucking. Jovi.

6) Ashton Kutcher + Lea Michelle = Zero Chemistry

8) Seth Meyers. Really? Really??!

9) Til Shwieger. You're cool. (Since you haven't been around long enough for me to love/hate you yet and I have no idea who you are.)

10) Robert De Niro. You can turn scripts down, you know.