Remember Joanna Rohrback, the charming lady who introduced us — and John Mayer — to Prancercise? Well, she's back with a new video that she describes as "X Rated."


Do not fret: The clip is not obscene or lewd, unless a fully-clothed woman frolicking through Florida greenery offends you. Basically, she's referencing the fact that her previous video included what some call "cameltoe." This has been remedied.

Alas, has some of the charm of Prancercise worn off? Writing for the New Times, Terrence McCoy reviews the new clip thusly:

Rohrback's now playing the game of attracting an audience — labeling it X Rated, signaling her last video — and it falls flat. This places her closer to a one-trick act than ever before because she's now conscious people are watching. And that strips her of the earnestness that made her so endearing in the first place.

Still, we can't blame her for trying. In our cover story, we wondered whether Rohrback could parlay the national attention into anything sustainable. This new video, however, won't accomplish it. It's click bait, pure and simple. And if she's going to remain in the spotlight, she has to change tactics.


I can't believe he passed up the chance to use the term "one-trick pony."

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