New World's Ugliest Dog Was Mistaken For A Rat

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You've probably heard the urban legend about people adopting foreign dogs that turn out to be sewer rats. Terry Schumacher of California actually thought her dog Yoda was a rat when she first saw her. She adopted the the 14-year-old Chinese crested and Chihuahua mix after finding her abandoned behind an apartment building. This weekend Yoda brought honor to the family name (and a $1,000 check) when she was crowned this year's World's Ugliest Dog at the Sonoma Marin Fair.

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Sorcia MacNasty

I own two rat terriers and volunteer for a rat terrier rescue (shameless plug: [] People are always sort of shocked when they see my dogs — the "rat" in their breed title seems to make folks think that they will actually *look* like rats. That noted, I have always thought rats were sort of adorable in their own right, despite their bad press.

Yoda is pwecious. Things are only ugly when we don't love them. :)