New TV Show: Women Tricked Into Believing They're Dating Prince Harry

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There's so much about this news that doesn't make sense but here you go: Fox will soon be airing the reality TV show I Wanna Marry "Harry", which stars 12 ordinary American women who thought that they actually had a chance of being in a consensual relationship with Prince Henry of Wales.


Deadline reports that the show was originally announced under the fake title Dream Date. It's being produced by Ryan Seacrest, which makes sense: he wouldn't get involved with anything less than royalty (or fake royalty, i.e. the Kardashians). The show was also coaxed along at Fox by Mike Darnell, the man behind that the original hoax dating show, Joe Millionaire.

In October, The Sun got wind of the real plot of I Wanna Marry "Harry," reporting that Dream Date was about women who were holed up in a house in England trying to woo a man who they thought was Prince Harry. The Sun revealed that "Harry" was being played by a British 20-year-old named Matthew Hicks.


I Wanna Marry "Harry" will probably air over the summer. If the show is successful, it will be necessary proof that you can do anything with a Facebook group.

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C.A. Pinkham

I just want anyone who actually predicted 10 years ago that Harry would transform into the handsome prince while William would start looking more foppish and derpy to please stand up. Yeah, I thought there wouldn't be any takers on that one.