New Superhero 'Foreskin Man' Accused Of Being Anti-Semitic

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What the world needs now is a superhero based on a dude who still has his foreskin, am I right? No?


Well, here he is anyway:

His fists clenched and muscles rippling beneath a tight blue suit, the yellow-caped character appears poised to take on evil-doers.

But as his name suggests, "Foreskin Man" is not a typical comic-book superhero, and neither is his choice of adversaries: doctors who practice circumcision and Orthodox Jews who support the religious ritual.


Now there's a way to get uncircumcised kids excited about their foreskin again: create a superhero who's just. like. them!

Because what kid doesn't love penis-based superheroes?

San Diego activist Matthew Hess says he conceived the Internet comic series last year as a way to boost his budding national effort to outlaw circumcision - an effort that has led to a measure on San Francisco's ballot in November that would make it illegal to perform a circumcision on a boy under 18.

Recently, though, the comic series has drawn criticism from those who deride Hess' imagery as anti-Semitic and liken it to 1930's Nazi propaganda.


Well, I guess the answer is "Jewish kids who aren't into Nazi propaganda imagery".


That makes sense.

Comic series based on anti-circumcision ‘Foreskin Man' superhero is criticized as anti-Semitic [WashingtonPost]

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1. It's not just Orthodox Jews. Most Jews, from Reform to Hasidic, follow through the bris and have their sons circumcised. The practice is based in religious text, but over the last 5,000 years or so it's become a very significant and cherished part of Jewish ethnic and cultural identity.

2. This still infuriates me to no end, and I once again re-assert my constitutional argument: You cannot put into practice a law that is religiously discriminatory and that impedes the free practice of religion. Any and all bans on circumcision would put an undue burden on the practice of Judaism AND Islam in America. It is unconstitutional, and it should not even be brought to a vote. If you want to spread information about the potential dangers of circumcision and advocate for parents NOT to circumcise their sons, GO FOR IT. But stop trampling on my rights!!

ETA: Oh, and i saw this comic and it is disgusting. Half anti-semitism, half psychotic anti-doctor propaganda that more than smacks of the most extreme of the anti-choice movement. I don't care what you think of circumcision, anyone willing to support this comic is a awful person.