New Sex And The City 2 Poster: A Photoshop Oasis

Illustration for article titled New emSex And The City 2/em Poster: A Photoshop Oasis

What's wrong with the new Sex And The City 2 poster? Where do we begin?!

  • Sarah Jessica Parker's eyes: Too close together.
  • Kim Cattrall's face: Painted? Or just cut from a different body and slapped on to the one seen here?
  • Kim Cattrall's elbow: Obviously carved out of a larger arm. The proportions from elbow to wrist are insane. And are the bones in her elbow really wider than her neck?
  • The size of the phantom calf allegedly belonging to Sarah Jessica Parker is not in proportion to the rest of her body — or to the more visible leg.
  • Does Kristin Davis have legs? Is that her knee? Has she sunk ankle-deep into the sand? (Is it quicksand?)
  • Since when does Kristin Davis have a giant rack?
  • No wonder Cynthia Nixon is trying to slink out of the frame.

Well, those are the problems we see — in addition to a general sense that instead of the actresses, they used zombies to pose for this image. Spot any other issues? Let us know!

New Sex and The City 2 Poster – The Girls Are All Here! [ONTD via ScreenCave]


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