Plus-size modeling is becoming ever more prevalent in the fashion industry, and the forthcoming documentary Straight/Curve is examining it in context.

Aiming to challenge the standards by which female modelsā€”and by extension, womenā€”are judged, the documentary will, according to Racked, ā€œinvestigate beauty standards in the fashion industry and society as a whole, showing behind-the-scenes interviews with top models, agents, clients, and photographers.ā€

Straight/Curve will address industry-specific issues, such as the lack of a second (size 14) sample size, and the necessity of eliminating the ā€œplus-sizeā€ designation altogether.

ā€œWhen, how, and why did size zero become the norm when two-thirds of women are considered ā€˜plus-sizeā€™ sitting between a size 10 to 14?ā€ asked director Jenny McQuaile. ā€œOur documentary will examine this question. Thereā€™s always been a complex relationship between the fashion industry, the media, and body image, and weā€™re finally making a film that will investigate that.ā€

Straight/Curve is scheduled for release in 2016. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer here.


Image via Getty.