New O.J. Simpson American Crime Story Promos Sadly Have Fewer Wigs Than Expected

On the heels of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story: Hotel debut on Wednesday, two new trailers for another one of his shows, American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson, have surfaced. For the record, there are a lot… fewer wigs in these trailers than we’d hoped for?


The first trailer above, via Flavorwire, features just a dog barking at... something? Danger? Who knows, the pup’s all we can see.

In the second clip, we hear the characters’ voices, including John Travolta as Robert Shapiro, Sarah Paulson as attorney Marcia Clark, Courtney B. Vance as Johnnie Cochran, and Cuba Gooding, Jr. as O.J. Simpson.

Here’s hoping the next installment of “previews” for Murphy’s show, which is set to premiere in 2016, include Paulson’s perm, Travolta’s newest wig, and Selma Blair as Kris Jenner.

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That’s not a dog barking! That’s “the plaintive wail of an Akita.”

Lawdy, I followed this trial closely.