Yeah: Mitski, “Heat Lightning” - What can I say, I love a Mitski track where she pulls out her vulnerability, slaps it on the table in front of me, says, “here you go,” and proceeds to turn me into a melancholic mess. “Heat Lightning” does just that, and I’m already imagining myself at a Mitski concert in the future, singing along to it and feeling utterly exposed. From the jump, she made this song the anxiety girl anthem: “I’ve laid awake since 1:00 and now it’s 4 o’clock/Though I’ve held on, can’t carry it much longer.” Ha ha, ha ha ha ha. She’s just like me, f’real. —Ashley Reese

Eh, maybe I’ll warm up to it: Parquet Courts, “Marathon of Anger” - I like Parquet Courts a lot. They’re a great live act, I’m always finding a new gem in their massive discography, and I love how much of a New York City™ band they are. So I’m disappointed that my reaction to their new track, “Marathon of Anger,” amounts to “huh, okay.” Parquet Courts appear to be in their bleep bloop era, which is fine—intriguing even—and I know what they’re trying to do. But the song isn’t quite hitting for me... yet. I hope I’ll warm up to it because I actually enjoy the lyrics, a commentary on the mass protests of 2020, paired with a haunting refrain of “it’s time everyone gone to work.” As for the visuals, while pretty, they don’t do much to paint a picture of collective action and community, but rather one of isolation. But maybe that’s the point, I don’t know, I’m not an art critic. —AR

Sure, if you like Tame Impala: Tame Impala, “No Choice” - Look, I know there’s a divide of sorts between OG Tame Impala fans and the newer ones; the InnerSpeaker diehards versus the Currents stans. But I think it’s safe to say that his new track, “No Choice,” hits a happy medium. In other words, if you like Tame Impala, I have a hard time believing you’re walking away from this song disappointed. —AR


Yeah!: Wajatta, “Killer” - This extremely straightforward remake of 1990 Seal/Adamski acid house classic does very little to alter its impeccable source material, nor should it. It’s beefed up for modern sound systems, a bit sparser in sections...and really that’s it. Wajatta is a collaboration between house vet John Tejada and Reggie Watts, who’s probably best known for his comedy/acting, though at this point he has a substantial discography from his musical ventures. Mostly, it’s nice to be reminded of the greatness of Adamski and Seal’s original and see it so properly respected. —Rich Juzwiak

Awww, sure!: Astrid S, Dagny, “Pretty” - Honestly, I haven’t fallen in love with an Astrid S single since “2AM,” but “Pretty” comes pretty close. For those unfamiliar, Astrid Smeplass is a Norwegian singer and songwriter who placed fifth in the Norwegian version of American Idol. She’s got a sugary voice that leans pop mixed with a bit of Maggie Rogers, and “Pretty” showcases that sweet sound nicely. And if it seems as though the song might provide the perfect backdrop for a rom-com montage, that’s exactly the right take, since it was released with the new Lucy Hale film “The Hating Game.” Add this to your happy morning dance in the kitchen playlist! —Emily Leibert

Meh, maybe drunk on a dance floor: Sam Feldt, Rita Ora, “Follow Me” - Sam Feldt’s latest release is triggering me back to Kygo’s fall down the commercialization and sponsorship rabbit hole. Trust, I love house, deep house, and trop house, but this feels like a play to appeal to the masses as it’s splattered across radio stations and Spotify playlists. It’s catchy, but overall, just OK. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t find myself singing it in three weeks at a vax-only sweaty bar. Danceable, but basic (SORRY). —Emily Leibert