New Moms at the Oscars Had to Pump Their Breasts in the Bathroom

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The Academy was totally cool when Seth MacFarlane sang a song about boobs that deserves it’s own tidy corner in Hell a few years ago, but they were decidedly unchill about boobs IRL a few days ago at the 2016 ceremony.


The LA Times reported as a part of their summary of the night:

“But for the nominees, as always, the evening came down less to the sweeping issues facing the entire industry and more to smaller, more personal moments of drama.

At one point, Tom Hardy, a supporting actor nominee for ‘The Revenant,’ was spotted pacing around the lobby, looking anxious.

Asked if his nerves had something to do with ‘The Revenant’s’ Oscar prospects, the British actor, who recently became a father for the second time, said no.

‘I’m just waiting for my wife to finish breast pumping in the bathroom,” Hardy said wryly. ‘She has to do it every hour.’”


Except, of course, this isn’t really a “personal moment of drama”—or if it is, it’s a microcosmic example of, as Josh Rottenberg put it, actually one of the “sweeping issues facing the entire industry.”

(Her name, by the way, is Charlotte Riley, and she is also a successful actress.)

As Refinery29 pointed out, this wasn’t the first time the worlds of breast pumping and the Oscars have collided. In 2013, professional singing angel Adele made a comment to The Guardian about running back and forth from the bathroom to the

“All these Hollywood superstars, lined up and breast-feeding in the ladies,” she said.


The comment doesn’t paint a pretty picture—if anything, feeding a tiny human that has no developed immune system in a bathroom should be an indication that the Oscars should probably review their cans and can’ts. Especially considering that breastfeeding and pumping in an area other than a bathroom is guaranteed under federal law for workers, you’d think it would’ve gained some traction at what is virtually an industry-driven ceremony.

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When I was breastfeeding/pumping for my 2 boys I steadfastly refused to do any of it in a bathroom. This sometimes required being, ahem, rather vocal. Although this embarrassed my husband, I did get to use an unoccupied VIP area to pump once, after kicking up a fuss at an NHL game.