New Lip Gloss Subtly Conveys When You're Feeling Sexy

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Are your expertly painted lips simply not getting the message across? Fear not! Now joining the ranks of "fuck-me boots" and "fuck-me dresses" is what essentially amounts to "fuck-me lip gloss."

Like your beloved mood ring from 6th grade, the Mood Swing lip gloss from Too Faced is designed to work with your "body chemistry" in order to convey your mood:

Apply Mood Swing when you're feeling sassy, sexy or deliriously happy and witness your lip color blossom from clear to pale pink or fuchsia.


Well, that's fun! But, of course, there's an underlying message here (helpfully articulated by The Sun): Because "the colors change depending on your emotional state," the gloss should darken when you're aroused. The gloss also comes with a color chart, "so men can work out how randy their partner is feeling." I'm not sure the folks at Too Faced outright intended for ladies to hand that chart to nearby manfolk, but it could certainly make for a horribly awkward conversation starter! Conversation like, "You're cute. Are my lips darkening to the lovely shade of aroused labia?" That should send the message, loud and clear.

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Image courtesy of GQ.

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Is this anything like that lip venom product? I've tried it and yes, it makes a pretty color, but that's after it has burned you and made your s.o. never want to kiss you again.