New Lady/Gay Male BFF Show Is Obvious, Pointless

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The new Sundance channel show Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys is a "groundbreaking" (their claim) series that explores the relationship between a woman and her gay best friend.

From the preview footage, the series doesn't look campy or sensationalist, like most reality shows — and yet it's not quite a hard-hitting documentary — no earth-shattering discoveries are made.

As Troy Patterson writes for Slate, "Perhaps [a woman on the show] entered the series under the impression that it would explore human relationships with a degree of sobriety or try to say something halfway serious about sexual identity. Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys does have some pretensions to seriousness. Exposing them, it betrays its core triviality."


The folks involved aren't over-the-top enough for Real Housewives-type mayhem. The concept — straight women hanging out with gay men — isn't inherently dramatic, like Teen Mom. And there's no common goal, like on Project Runway or even The Biggest Loser. I found myself watching the footage and asking, what is the point? It's almost like Will And Grace never happened. Basically, the show could have been called Girls Like Boys Who Like Boys, So What?

Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys [Slate]
Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys [Sundance Channel]

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Favre & Inches

Well, I can't get married, adopt, serve openly in my military, be a teacher in multiple states, and in most places can be denied employment, housing, or even service from a local business due to my homosexuality BUT...I can be a fashion accessory and emotional beachhead to a straight woman.

I guess it all evens out then.