New Lady-Centric Show From Creator Of Grey's Anatomy

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The ABC pilot, from writer-producer Shonda Rhimes, revolves around "the life and work of a professional fixer and her dysfunctional staff." It's based on the life of a fascinating woman.

The show is inspired by PR guru and crisis management consultant Judy Smith. According to Deadline Hollywood:

Smith, a former White House press aide under President George H. W. Bush, has been involved in some of the most controversial cases of the past 20 years. She has guided and counseled Monica Lewinsky, Michael Vick and Senator Larry Craig and has worked on the Iran Contra investigation, the prosecution of former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry for drug possession, the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation hearings, the Chandra Levy investigation and the Enron Congressional inquiry.


Lots of opportunities for drama there. And since Rhimes scored hits with Grey's and Private Practice, ABC didn't waste any time moving forward on this new show: Execs read the script on Thursday and gave her the greenlight on Friday.

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Just had a little laugh over the redundancey of "Lady-centric" and "show from Shonda Rhimes". I mean, it's like describing every Aaron Spelling (yes, I know he's dead) venture as "feel-good escapism" or Chuck Lorre shows as "mantastic". I kid because I love.

At any rate, good for Shonda.