New iPhone App Is Clearly Geared Towards Sexting Teens

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Snapchat, a new iPhone app that's obviously for teens, judging by the photos on their website — differentiates itself from the Instagrams of the world by utilizing time-sensitive technology. You can choose how long you want your Snapchat to last once it reaches your recipient before it self-destructs. Buzzfeed's Katie Heaney points out that there's only one main reason why a teenager would want to send photos that only last for a few seconds: if said photo involves boobs and the like. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel denies that's what his app is for, but we're not buying his excuses:

In response to these concerns, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel previously stated, "The minute you tell someone that images on your server disappear, everyone jumps to sexting." He said it laughingly, the interview notes, but, one could hardly be blamed for responding, "Well, yeah." It makes sense, doesn't it? The time limit is an implicit permission, of sorts: You "know" these pictures won't stick around, so ... just do whatever comes to mind.

But Spiegel doesn't think it's happening. At least not much. Displaying an intriguing level of unfamiliarity with our country's politicians, movie stars, and teens, he said, "I just don't know people who do that. It doesn't seem that fun when you can have real sex."


Heaney points out that Snapchat does not actually prevent people from disseminating X-rated photos; it just makes it more difficult. When a user tries to take a screenshot of a photo he receives, the sender gets a notification, which is cool, but the user still gets to keep the photo. You could also just take a photo of the phone. Basically, any mildly creative and devious 14-year-old can figure out a workaround here. Youth of America: don't be lured in by the false sense of security Snapchat provides!




Am I nerd if I want it only to send my friends Mission Impossible type "Your Mission, should you choose to accept it" messages?