What can you really say about a t-shirt depicting President Barack Obama magically, slowly, creepily transforming into Herman Cain?

-"Maybe the staff was having some printer issues?"
-"Maybe it's meant to be symmetrical?"
-"Maybe it contains a secret message visible only via a mail-order decoder ring?"
-"Maybe this shirt is a terrible idea?"

Take your pick.

Almost all of these would be accurate guesses, but I'm guessing that whoever was in charge of printing these may have thought, "Look, America. You're into Obama, right? Well Herman Cain looks vaguely like Obama in that they're both men of color so just swap Obama out and get Cain for the same low, low price of one vote! Sure this t-shirt is beyond creepy, but sometimes change is creepy and vaguely racist. Only $19.95!"

I wish I had a link so that you could buy one of these bargains for yourselves, but alas I do not. My eyes are peeled though. Oh are they ever.


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