New GoldieBlox Ad Compares Princess Culture to Drugs

Laying it on a bit thick, GoldieBlox?

This latest ad chronicles the journey of our brain (an egg) being gussied up in a wig and makeup while it goes down a conveyor belt and passes a sign about how girls feel bad about their bodies by age 13. This supposedly shows how harmful girls' tendencies towards princess drag are. The egg then passes a sign saying, "This is your brain on engineering," ending its journey as a well-nourished baby chick.

Written out like that, it's a tortured callback to those classic "this is your brain on drugs" PSAs, but the execution is brilliant and persuasive. Still, it's too bad that GoldieBlox has to take such a hard line on princess culture, and that the actual toys don't live up to the commercials.

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I realize it's marketing, and I'm not one to go to the mat for "princess culture," but isn't this either/or choice about how to be kind of simplifying girls? You can't like princesses AND engineering? I have some very girly friends and relatives who are also pretty sharp in math and science.