New Ghostbusters Cast Visits Children's Hospital; Attracts Trolls

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Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones spent Saturday dressed in their Ghostbusters costumes, visiting patients at the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center. Being nice to sick children is generally part and parcel of that whole “being human” thing; and making the rounds in superhero costume is a pretty standard celebrity box to check (remember when Chris Evans and Chris Pratt did this and the internet went insane?).

But since McCarthy, Wiig, McKinnon and Jones are women who are ruining a beloved franchise, they continue to be worthy of scorn, as does Tufts Medical Center. Tufts posted perfectly delightful photographs on their Facebook page and Ghostbusters truthers descended on photographs of hospitalized children to express their displeasure.

This morning Tufts had to remind the angry men frothing in Facebook comments over the ruination of Ghostbusters that “any comments with profanity would be deleted.” Seriously dudes, let it go. [E!; Facebook]

Even in death Bobbi Kristina Brown can’t seem to get any peace. During her funeral on Saturday morning her paternal aunt, Leolah Brown, was temporarily removed from the services after yelling at Pat Houston. “Whitney is rolling over in her grave! You are so wrong for this, Pat,” Leolah allegedly yelled during the funeral. Sources say she was accompanied out by Tyler Perry and eventually allowed to return to the services. According to Us Weekly, the fight stems from disagreements over who will control Bobbi Kristina’s estate. [Us Weekly]

PBS announced that, after the Ben Affleck fiasco, they would not continue with a third season of Finding Your Roots “until necessary staffing changes, including the hiring of a fact-checker.” PBS CEO Paula Kerger called the decision to remove references to Affleck’s slave-owning family a “teaching moment,” and reiterated her commitment to bringing the show, hosted by Henry Louis Gates Jr., back to the air. In addition to discussing the suspension of Finding Your Roots, PBS announced that the channel would produce a Civil War drama starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Josh Radnor. [The Hollywood Reporter]

  • Mel B. wants—she really, really wants—a Spice Girls reunion. [Gossip Cop]
  • Valerie Harper said in an update that she was not in a coma despite earlier rumors. “As anyone who has taken strong medication knows, it doesn’t always agree with you, even with me as this experience proves,” Harper wrote on her Facebook page. [Us Weekly]
  • Norman Lear is working on a reboot of One Day at a Time. The leads will be replaced with three Latinas since Lear wants to show “three generations.” So…it will be Jane the Virgin without Rogelio? [Associated Press]
  • Kim Kardashian is a soccer mom. [Us Weekly]
  • Ian McShane is going to be in Season 6 of Game of Thrones. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • John Green defends the beautifully eyebrowed Cara Delevingne. [Page Six]

Images via Tufts Medical Center and Getty.

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