New Film Production Company Will Pump Out Comedies Set in High Schools Like It's the '80s

Screenshot: New World
Screenshot: New World

Because there are always people who need to grow up, I guess, a new company called American High has been forged whose sole mission is to generate comedies set in high schools.


Deadline reported on Wednesday that The Hangover screenwriter Jeremy Garelick has teamed up with LD Entertainment and $50 million in seed money to make the films, the first of which is slated to begin shooting in March 2018.

Garlelick said of the project, “the films that inspired me to make a lot of terrible decisions in my youth just aren’t being made anymore. Our goal with American High is to fill that void and pollute the minds of the next generation.”


But also maybe it’s cause the productions company’s main asset is a high school it purchased in Syracuse, New York, that will serve as a setting for all its films.

I don’t mean to be all judgmental, but if you had truly absorbed the ethos of quintessential ’80s American high school cinema, and you now owned an entire high school, then technically your only options would be to burn it down and have sex in it, or to have sex in it and burn it down.

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Scavenger Rey

YES. I know that this is a lofty goal but we need a Heathers/The Breakfast Club for the modern age.

I wasn’t around in the 80s but I’m obsessed with all of the high school movies from around then. Really good stuff.