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New Female 'Ghostbusters' Sounds Similar to the Old Male 'Ghostbusters'

Illustration for article titled New Female Ghostbusters Sounds Similar to the Old Male Ghostbusters

The upcoming, all-female Ghostbusters remake or, the one and only remake that sounds exciting, has begun filming in Boston this week and apparently, the plot of the film will be similar to that of the original 1984 flick.


According to the Boston Herald, details of the script revealed Kristen Wiig playing a Columbia University professor who becomes discredited when the book she wrote on ghosts with Melissa McCarthy’s character surfaces. After losing her teaching job, she joins forces with McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones as they fight against an invasion of unruly spirits.

In the original film, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis played three Columbia U. scientists who go into the business of paranormal investigating after losing their jobs so, yes, that sounds like a pretty identical storyline. Aside from the four main characters, we do know of two other roles. There’s the team’s secretary, which will be portrayed by Chris Hemsworth and Slimer, the loveable green ghost from the original franchise. The film will be out the summer of next year. Since we have Slimer, I’ll start crossing my fingers for the return of Ecto-Cooler.

Image screencap via YouTube.

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Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer

NO. No. Stop. Nope. No. No. No. No.

I was holding out hope that the ladies would remember the original Ghostbusters from the 80’s when they were children (maybe they were one of the children in the birthday party in GB2!) and decide to re-group due to increased paranormal activity in NYC in the present day.

God, this is not that difficult.