New Errol Morris Trailer Boasts Sex, Mormons, And A Beauty Queen

The latest from documentarian Errol Morris is Tabloid, which retells the 1977 story of former Miss Wyoming Joyce McKinney and her alleged kidnapping and sexual enslavement of her love, Kirk Anderson.


The story, as Joyce believes, goes a little something like this: she fell in love with Kirk just like in the movies and the next thing she knew, he was gone! She found him doing missionary work in England, at which point she decided there was only one way she could shake him of his Mormon ways: whisking him away for three days of lovemaking. Others didn't quite see it that way, and Joyce went to the clinker — but she didn't go quietly, launching herself into British tabloid stardom. Looks fascinating.

[Via Vulture, IMDb]

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If a man did this, you bleedin'-heart feminists wouldn't be feeling the same way about this.

/Now that this has been said, no-one else has to. The movie clearly looks intriguing, and I'll be darned if I don't go and see it.