New 'Eggs for Boys' To Finally End Brunch-Based Sexual Confusion

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Kids in Norway wouldn't know a good egg if it hit them right in the dumb high cheekboned Nordic faces. One company has offered a creative suggestion for dealing with Norway's pediatric ovo finickiness problem: eggs specifically marketed to boys and girls.

"Princess Eggs" and "Pirate Eggs" promise to shove breakfast protein down kids' throats and wash it down with some enforced binary gender identity. And while some of you may think this is a terrible idea (kids should be free to be themselves why are we teaching kids early that girls are gentle pink bubbles and boys are domineering buccaneers bla bla bla bla bla), I can think of no better way to get a picky little girl to eat eggs than to promise them that inside every shell is a liquified dead baby princess.

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The gender specific stuff here is stupid. But otherwise I love this idea! Why can't healthful foods use the same marketing crap the makers of sugary cereals do? Why isn't there a cartoon ant selling packages of celery sticks, raisins, and peanut butter at the ends of grocery aisles? Why isn't there a cartoon pirate on packages of dried pineapple and banana chips? Why do we assume children can't appreciate real food when they loved puréed vegetables as babies? I wasn't allowed to eat sugar as a kid, and I was gaga for fruit salad and fresh salsa or hummus on vegetables. This is a malleable demographic highly prone to suggestion. We are not milking that!

ETA: I don't mean to offend vegan Jezzies. Eggs are healthy for humans but not so much for many of the animals that lay them. By no means do I mean to make light of that.