New 'Cool' Conservative Website Ads Are a Sexist Pile of Garbage

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Breitbart, a #cool news outlet for #hip #conservatives who like to #chill with #friends on the #net, is in some hot water today, after ads hyping the launch of its West Coast-centric site Breitbart California featured Miley Cyrus on all fours with Nancy Pelosi's head 'shopped over and Mark Zuckerberg with breasts. What they were likely going for is edgy, but what they ended up with is about as cool as a fermenting pile of sidewalk garbage and about as punk as Gavin McInnes's cirrhotic liver.


Unsurprisingly, reaction to the shitpile ads for Breitbart California was swift and negative. The Wire referred to them as "tired, sexist jokes." Twitter was unhappy. In a statement, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said,

"To say the least, the Breitbart News ad is foul, offensive, and disrespectful to all women. It is a disgusting new low and would be reprehensible against any woman – regardless of party. It's no wonder the Republicans are having problems appealing to women. If GOP leaders are serious about their rebrand, then both their elected and Party leadership should condemn this outrageous behavior, call on Breitbart News to immediately remove the ad, and not continue to use this website as a forum for their views."

It wasn't just liberals who were circling the wagons; some conservatives were vocally put off by the launch campaign, even though one of the party's rising stars Rand Paul wrote an op-ed praising the site as part of its launch. A bad association for a Presidential hopeful, that's for sure.

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It's not exactly fair to equate what's used to advertise Breitbart California to what's going on in the GOP at a party level, but we're not exactly living in an age of distinctions between media outlets (or writers) and political parties, especially when political points are at stake. Witness what happened to Ebony editor Jamilah Lemieux just days ago, when her tweets mistaking a prominent black Republican for a white guy prompted a Twitter shitstorm that ultimately led to GOP chair Reince Priebus to demand an apology from the publication, which Ebony granted. By including this steaming shitpile campaign with its launch so soon after so public a fit-throwing by GOP party leadership over a non-thing that happened on the internet, in addition to embarrassing its writers (who likely had little to nothing to do with Pelosi Cyrus or Mark Zuckerboobs or whatever nickname the artist gave his creations), Breitbart California practically alley-ooped a slam dunk for the opposing team. They kicked the ball into their own goal. They cleaned their own loaded gun. Unless Priebus and the RNC release a statement condemning the ads, they'll send a message to political watchers that the RNC only cares about sexism or racism (or race-mistaking, in the case of Lemieux) when it happens to people who agree with them.


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