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New Clip from The Canyons Features Lots of Dial Tones, Pacing, and Lindsay Lohan’s Cryface

This clip, which ends with aspiring pornstar-waxing-actor James Deen physically menacing Canyons co-star Lindsay Lohan, would be super-intense and dramatic if it didn't suffer from two really damning flaws: an overabudance of Lindsay Lohan's cryface and too much emoting from James Deen. From this short clip, we can see that James Deen is a great sleep-actor — maybe the best of his generation. If only he'd just stayed asleep, this scene would be perfect if not for Lindz's aimless plodding around an ultra-modern California dream palace. Oh, and here's a semi-serious question to mull over: who still has a LAND line? This movie is already stretching the boundaries of of reality.


via NY Times

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Jane, you ignorant slut.

I will admit that this movie has sparked one little area of curiosity in my mind - is James Deen's porn actually worth watching? I'm not usually into porn - the fakeness of it all, the whole impression of women being there solely for the man's pleasure, it doesn't do anything for me. But I've heard this James Deen character is different... and he's not half bad looking. Worth googling on Chrome incognito?