New Birthing/Abortion Clinic in New York Could Change Everything

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Last month, the first ever birthing center that also houses an abortion clinic opened in Buffalo, New York and it’s called Buffalo WomenServices. The space is one of the first where both the pro-choice and birthing communities coexist beneath the same roof, explicitly. Mind Blown.


The clinic’s website says that their establishment provides “safe, legal and confidential abortion services in a compassionate and supportive setting. Surgical abortions are performed by our OB/GYN physician to 22 weeks. We also provide medical abortion and early surgical abortions.”

Their doctors have admitting privileges at the local hospital, reports Slate, however the physicians along with the registered nurses, social workers, counselors, and trained medical personnel are also focused on giving pregnant women as natural a birthing atmosphere as possible. They even wrote directly to possible clients who might've experienced physical abuse, pledging to give "sensitive Gyn Care For the traumatized patient" as well as gyn care for the LGBT communities.

Many women do not get regular gyn care due to a history of abuse or assault. We offer the time and sensitivity required to provide medical care for women who are reluctant to see a gynecologist.

We'll see how the Buffalo WomenServices center progresses but right now, it seems like a pro-choice and pro-natural birthing haven for anyone who thinks women's health is a priority. Can I go? This clinic also challenges the idea, as some contemporary politicians would have us believe, that abortion and general women's health are two separate issues when they are really two sides of the same coin.

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Beatrix Potter

A few months after the death of a baby my husband and I very much wanted, I found out that a friend had had an abortion. She was terrified to tell me because she thought that I would hate her for killing her child (her words) when I couldn't have mine. Her sister used me as an example of why abortion is evil. I was furious for being an example of pro-life. My choice was taken from me, how could I possibly support taking away someone else's? Just because I wanted a child and was ready for it didn't mean my friend was. If I had been able to, I would have taken her to the clinic and held her hand. I support accessible abortions and happy little babies. This isn't a one or the other, it's about choice and control over ones body and life. So good on this clinic, I like it.