New Bake Off Trailer Features Cute, Singing, Puking Baked Goods

The trailer for the new Bake Off has arrived! It does not feature Paul Hollywood or any of the new hosts or even the tent. Instead, it’s a parade of smiling, singing, Gumby-like animated baked treats, including at least two that rather cutely spit up. Charming, or horrifying?

The Telegraph reports on the fan reactions, coming down on the side of disapproval: “the best words to describe the responses so far would be ‘absolutely horrified’, ‘despairing’ and ‘desperately needing a hug, preferably from Mel and Sue, and some reassurance that the universe is not about to implode.’” However, the reaction in the Jezebel Slack chat is more positive. Plus, even if it doesn’t promise to be as soothingly sugary as the BBC version, the bar for “nightmarish” is currently set much higher than vaguely alarming desserts.

Senior Editor, Attic Haunter, Jezebel

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Hmmm it’s ok. I like the flour. But ch4 have massively high standards for their promos and I’m not sure this lives up to it.