New Ad Urges You to Use a Condom Since Someone Else Might Be Mayor of That Dick

These new PSAs for the AIDS Council, put together by the McCann Worldgroup Helsinki ad agency, equate getting busy to checking in on Foursquare. A heterosexual couple touch each other and get undressed; right before he pulls off his skivvies, a map icon pops up with the info, "Cathy Mills and 34 others were here." Oh, snap. Imagine? "You have ousted Jenny as Mayor of Brandon's junk."


There's also a version where the woman starts to take off her panties and the alert reads, "Ryan Smith and 19 others were here." Of course, as Rebecca Cullers points out on AdFreak,

The main problem I see is that the ads play off fear and contribute to the stigma of sexual promiscuity. We should take care to remember that while your number of partners may increase your chances of getting an STD, it only takes one. Or none, if you're born positive.

While it's true that the ads can be seen as slut-shamey, (and reminiscent of war propaganda putting the blame on women), it's still a pretty clever way to speak to the current generation about sex. Nobody wants to unlock the chlamydia badge.




The main problem with casual sex is that it is impossible to have this casual sex partner thoroughly tested for STDs. That should be a main important point driven home to all readers. All stories related to sex should contain real information regarding STD transmission, such as this:

GET All POTENTIAL ROMANTIC PARTNERS TESTED BEFORE ANY PHYSICAL CONTACT. It takes several weeks for antibodies to appear in your bloodstream when first infected with an STD. After waiting those several weeks, with NO physical contact, all potential romantic partners should be fully screened for all STDs.

Today's masses live in a fool's paradise believing that a condom is 100% protection against contracting STDs. You can catch sexually transmitted diseases even if you use a condom. An infected vulva can still touch the skin of a healthy scrotum, and vice-verse - and you can easily have transmission of Gonorrhea, Warts, Herpes, Molluscum contagiosum, and Pubic lice to name just a few.

Most people who have Gonorrhea or Herpes 2 ( genital ) do not know they have the disease. They often have NO symptoms BUT they are SHEDDING the disease which is invisible to the naked eye and do not realize it. If you don't know about Herpes Viral Shedding, Google it today.

Drugs such as Valtrex can reduce symptoms and open sores, BUT they do not reduce someone's ability to infect you.

Many women I meet believe that their use of condoms during traditional intercourse is 100% protection. I explain that men and women contract Herpes 2 orally from mouth to genital contact very easily. I then ask them "Do you always use condoms when you perform oral sex on men?" There is always a pause and then that moment of harsh realization that they have orally exposed themselves to STDs, especially Gonorrhea and Herpes 2 ( genital ), HPV and many others.

Because of this, people are infected with Herpes 2 in their mouths and do not know it. Men who perform oral sex on women have the same exposure to Herpes 2 and easily can contract it in their mouths as well.

The only way to fully protect yourself from STD exposure is to demand a full STD panel from all potential partners prior to ANY physical contact, including kissing. You deserve full disclosure when your physical health is at risk, so demand it. If anyone refuses your request for any reason, walk away from them as quickly as possible.

Remember, especially for women, oral sex can easily transmit Herpes 2 into your mouth. Once you have Herpes 2, you will have it for life. Your life hangs in the balance, do not simply take someone’s word for it. GET POTENTIAL PARTNERS TESTED before you engage in any physical contact, including kissing.

I will summarize with three important points:

1) MOST STD infected people are NOT alerting partners to the fact they are infected.

2) Condom use is NOT protection enough.

3) Drugs such as Valtrex can reduce symptoms and open sores, BUT they do not reduce fully someone's ability to infect you.