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New ABC Pilot Involves Mother-Daughter Detectives

Illustration for article titled New ABC Pilot Involves Mother-Daughter Detectives

Fans of Nancy Drew, Murder She Wrote's Jessica Fletcher, Veronica Mars and Precious Ramotswe of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency take note: Another female sleuth could be coming your way. Annie Potts (aka Janine in Ghostbusters, aka Iona in Pretty in Pink, aka M.E. on Any Day Now, aka Mary Jo Jackson Shively on Designing Women) has signed on for an ABC pilot titled Murder in Manhattan. The plot revolves around a mother-daughter detective team, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

Potts will play Blythe Sutton, a glamorous, sophisticated, yet surprisingly down-to-earth Park Avenue widow with two grown children. She is driven to solving crimes because she's never gotten over her second husband's murder, which she's taken on as her own private case.


Veronica Mars meets Gossip Girl? Gimore Girls meets Miss Marple? Excited. From Cagney and Lacey to Moonlighting and Kima on The Wire, we love a good lady-dick. (You read that right.)


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I highly recommend Rosemary & Thyme for great lady detectives. It's on Netflix!