Never Forget When Fashion Host Kelly Osbourne Used to Dress Like A Hot Topic Employee

This is the latest episode of Not a Phase, a weekly video series where Jezebel remembers some of the most delightfully cringeworthy phases of a celebrity’s life, even though they would probably like us to forget.

Kelly Osbourne is a survivor. She survived a chaotic MTV reality show about her family, she survived body-shaming from the press, she survived addiction, and she survived years of dressing like a Hot Topic mall rat. Kelly Osbourne today might be regarded as a refined fashion guru... or the fucking Ladybug on The Masked Singer. But when she became a household name in the 2000s, she was best known for looking like she just crawled out of a My Chemical Romance music video.


And what a breath of fresh air that was. At a time when it felt like the preps were winning the war against the punks, emos, and alt weirdos, the irreverent Osbourne was an ally. Let’s look back at Kelly Osbourne of the early aughts, when she ready to defeat the Paris Hiltons of the world with one whiff of her armpit funk and a flip of her magenta bangs.

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.



Was Kelly really ever an idol for young women? I knew a lot of Avril and Britney fans, but I really can’t remember anyone who wanted to be like Kelly or was a fan. In my memory (which might not be super accurate), her album was a flop. I definitely wouldn’t ever have thought to compare her to someone iconic like Britney or someone who was massively successful (for a time) like Avril.