Nelson Mandela's Former Villa Is Available to Rent for $5,741 a Night

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Enterprising capitalists have basically turned one of Nelson Mandela’s old homes into an Airbnb. The Nelson Mandela Centre for Reconciliation is now open to the public. For a price.


A couple hours from Johannesburg, the private villa includes six bedrooms and amenities like a heated pool, spa and private chef (of course, Oprah was once a guest there). The retreat was built for Mandela in 2001 and closed after he died in 2013.

Yahoo reports:

Up to 12 guests can kick back at the Nobel Prize-winner’s pad, which includes a heated pool and comes with such lap-of-luxury perks as meals prepared by a private chef, butler service, daytime and nighttime game drives, guide-led bush walks, picnics in the bus and a cruise on the impressive Douw Steyn Dam.

The home’s décor is a mix of traditional African materials and designs (including a thatched roof, carved teak doors, hand-woven carpets, tribal fabrics and local artwork), along with original bespoke Italian furniture.


The cost is $5,741 a night, which is nothing if you think about it, right? Right?

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How long before Justin Bieber shows up and scratches “Mandela would’ve been a Belieber” into the living room wall?