Need To Toss Your Ex's Stuff? That's A Job For Death Bear

Illustration for article titled Need To Toss Your Exs Stuff? Thats A Job For Death Bear

Performance artist Nate Hill is offering a new service: "Death Bear" will visit your Brooklyn apartment and remove your ex's possessions by appointment. The project already backfired when Hill's ex gave Death Bear used condoms and a bloody sheet. [Gothamist]

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This sounds a lot like a business model I was showing around to some investors back in '05. Only, my service was called "Separation Squirrel" and included random, complimentary phone calls following a script like:

"Hey, I heard you broke up with So-and-So... Good! I always thought you were too good for him/her."

But I was forced to give up the dream when I was notified of a similarly-themed business called "Closure Chipmunk".