NCIS Star Pauley Perrette Violently Attacked By a Homeless Man

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Thursday night, Pauley Perrette was walking across the street from her Hollywood home when she was attacked by a homeless man who threatened to kill her. After escaping the ordeal, she collapsed on the sidewalk, where she was licked by a dog being walked by a man who didn’t stop to help.


Perrette, who says she spends her life “protecting” homeless people, shared many of the details about her attack on Twitter via a photo of a TextEdit doc on her computer screen, and none of them are pleasant:


A reporter for LA’s ABC7 shared the photo of Perrette’s sketch, as well as a photo of the suspect:

Fox News is reporting Merck has been “arrested on battery charges and is currently being held on $100,000.”

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Kat Marlowe

Some guy walked by me with a dog that licked my face.

What special level of asshole do you have to be to see a woman lying on the street and your instinct is to keep walking. That level of apathy is astonishing and yet it’s not.

And, the part about the dog licking her face? My mind created a visual of that and it just broke my heart.