NBC Will Air a Live Version of Peter Pan in Less Than a Year

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Thanks to all the people who hate watched NBC's live broadcast of Carrie Underwood screaming at American in a dirndl, NBC is going to go ahead and air a live version of Peter Pan. Excited? You should be — Miley Cyrus is rumored to be in talks for the lead (that's a joke, of course, but still — how far off could that be?).


On Sunday, NBC funtainment chairman Bob Greenblatt said that NBC would be airing a live performance of Peter Pan on Dec. 4. Somebody (not Russell Brand) will play Captain Hook. Somebody else with play Peter Pan. A Chihuahua named Jigglestick will be discovered mere weeks before the production to fill in as Tinker Bell in an emergency casting call after Uggie the dog's tragic on-set drowning.


Greenblatt added that the network has figured out how to do live shows more efficiently since the 18-month stretch of Sound of Music preparation, and, if all goes well with Pan, viewers can expect even more live shows. Next up? It's anyone's guess, really, but I think that Spider-Man Broadway show is as TV-ready as shows come. America needs more Spider-Man, even if it means the on-air death of a stunt person. Show business is about sacrifice, people. Human sacrifice.

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Sailor Jupiter

Awesome. So not only do we get to see people singing and dancing poorly but we get to watch some of them do it in racially offensive American Indian costumes! Oh Joy!